The Equalizer spreads out the range of height values in your heightfield or mask so that they are equally represented in the output.

This gives you predictable control over masks; after Equalization, selecting the bottom 25% of the height range will select 25% of the map. This regularity allows you to more predictably shape and select equalized noises as compared to regular ones.

In addition, the Equalizer can produce some very interesting and useful terrain features when applied to a terrain.

Device Parameters

Equalization Controls the amount of equalization performed on the input terrain, from none (0.0) to fully equalized (1.0).
Capture sample Pressing this button will have the Equalizer device capture and save the equalization data for the current input terrain. It will then use that data, rather than the actual terrain heights, when judging equalizations. When using a captured sample, the results will be predictable and repeatable for any input terrain; thus the device will work correctly in Explorer mode.
Release sample Pressing this button will release any sample data the device is currently keeping from using the “Capture Sample” button above.
Updated on September 12, 2019

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