File Output

The File Output device saves a heightfield or grey scale mask to disk.

Please note that only the heightfield information is saved — any coloration created in World Machine needs to be saved separately, using a Bitmap Output.

Device Parameters

Set This button brings up a dialog to specify the filename to save to disk.
Use absolute path for setting filename If checked, the filename will include the full path. Otherwise, it will contain the relative path if possible.
Participate when building tiled worlds When checked, this output will export tiles during a tiled build.
Save file every build If this is checked, every time you build the world (press the Green build button), the File Output device will save the heightfield to disk.
Write output to disk Writes the current build results to the specified file. If the world is not built (the File Output’s status indicator is red) you will be prompted to build the world
Output Format This group of options controls the type of file that will be saved by the File Output device.
Low Precision  
TGA: Greyscale RGB TGA
BMP: Greyscale RGB BMP
PNG (8bit): Greyscale 8 bit PNG
RAW: 8bit RAW file with no header
High Precision  
Terragen: Terragen-format output
Leveller: Leveller-format output
PNG: PNG 16bit per channel
Povray-TGA: The Povray-TGA format stores 16bits of heightfield data across the Red and Green channels of a standard TGA. The Red channel holds the upper 8 bits, the Green the lower 8.
RAW16: 16bit RAW file, in standard PC byte-endian format
RAW-FP32: 32bit Floating Point RAW. Each 4 byte data value is a single-precision floating point value
BT: The BT format created by the Virtual Terrain Project (
PGM(ASCII): Portable GreyMap. An extremely simple ASCII-based 16bit format
TIFF: TIFF 16bit per channel
HFZ: HFZ compressed output
OpenEXR: OpenEXR highest-precision 32bit float output

Updated on September 12, 2019

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