This feature was introduced in the “Artist Point” release

Adjust the color and luminance of an input bitmap to be, on average, the same as the color you specify.

This is quite different from the Adjust Color device, which changes every color value in the same way. For example, applying a Tint color of medium gray will remove any overall color cast from the input, while preserving color variations within the image.

The Tint device works across both spatial and color dimensions and tries to make its most dramatic changes smoothly across the image, while letting small-scale local detail retain most of its color variation.

When to Use

This can be used to unify several different textures to more closely blend and resemble each other, even if they came from different sources and have a different color cast.

It can also be used to do the opposite, and introduce an intention color-cast without being too heavy handed.

Applying a rosy color cast to a source image

How to Use

Connect your bitmap to the primary input, and adjust the Color parameter to the color you would like to tint the input to.


  • Color: The color target to tint towards. When Match Color and Match Luminosity are both at 1.0, the output will have an average color exactly the same as your target.
  • Match Color: How strongly to make the color component match the target color. At 1.0, the hue/saturation of the input will average to the target
  • Match Luminosity: How strongly to make the brightness component match the target color. At 1.0, the luminosity of the input will average to the target.
  • Allow variance: Preserve colors that are very dissimilar to the tint color. This allows you to change the overall tone while preserving the natural color variations in the bitmap.

Note: that if you allow variance, the output color will no longer strictly average to the target. Depending on your use case, you may or may not care about this.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can provide a color target programmatically by wiring a color to the Color parameter port.
  • You can use a “Report Color” device to discover the average value of one bitmap, and then use the Tint device to apply that color to another.

Updated on November 17, 2021

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