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Build 3028 ‘Alpine Lakes’

Build 3028 is a minor release for Alpine Lakes. It fixes a variety of crash bugs and also dramatically improves the SVG file importer.

This is the first Alpine Lakes build available on the Release Channel.

Minor Features

SVG file import has been improved. World Machine can now successfully import almost any SVG file.

A world map imported in vector format…

In addition, an option has been added to the import dialog to force the imported shapes to be interpreted as either spline paths or filled paths.


  • Fixed bug where Create Water’s default output port disappears
  • Fixed reported crash bug when building tiled world and using File Input device
  • Fixed erosion crash bug when world size is somehow set to small values
  • Fixed crash bug where Layout view shapes dialog got out of synch
  • Added automatic license release/renew if computer configuration changes
  • Further improved license checkout handling of odd errors and logging
  • Modified installers, launcher for new 64-bit only release policy

Updated on September 16, 2019

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