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Build 4020 ‘Mt Rainier’ Release

Release Build 4020

Release 4020 significantly improves the quality of the interactive preview and the performance of the 3D View, and enhances the device workview with some new UX features. There are also additional enhancements and many bugfixes.

Download at the Update Center


New General Features

  • Enhanced Interactive Preview – The interactive preview that you see while adjusting a slider is now much higher resolution; depending on the device, up to 2k in real-time is possible. Set your quality/performance preference in config options.
  • 3D View performance dramatically improved. Switching between devices and updating the viewport is especially faster for high resolution worlds (8k+).
  • Previews are now “stabilized”. The preview data is sourced from your current best-quality build, improving consistency between the preview and final builds. Especially helpful for things like erosion masks.
  • Paging and memory management improvements to reduce/eliminate memory and paging crashes and slowdowns. Includes a “WM Health” badge in the lower-right corner letting you know if any paging is happening.
  • Workview Changes – see below

New Workview Features

  • Improved wire routing when wiring ‘in reverse’, or with route points
  • Added ‘Align devices H/V’ and ‘Space devices H/V’ commands. “Align” means to snap all of the devices so that their first port is lined up on the same horizontal or vertical gridline. “Space” means that the items are moved so they are packed in a row either horizontally or vertically.
  • Can scroll workview horizontally by using alt-mousewheel, or L/R mousewheel if the wheel supports that
  • Changed workflow defaults: (You can revert to the previous behavior in Preferences->UI Options)
    • Add device now cancels add mode after a single device is added, unless you hold down shift while clicking.
    • While adding devices, ‘Quick-wire‘ is now enabled by default. If you click on an existing device or port while adding a new device, WM will connect the new component as indicated and place it in the appropriate spot relative to that target.
    • The add-from-search tab key now automatically adds the selected device into the world. A marker is shown indicating the spot that a device will placed. The same rules regarding auto-connection apply as above.
    • When drawing a wire from an existing port to empty space and triggering quick-add, the new device will be placed more intelligently (the relevant port will be located at the place you stop dragging).

Minor Changes

  • Fixed ‘blank device’ accidental port selection by limiting to only outputs or connected ports
  • Re-added ‘Show Height under cursor’ toggle in layout view
  • Added ‘Select None’ command and shortcut (Ctrl-D) for layout / workview editing
  • Added “Show Final Results” toggle for 3D view to switch between res-limited and full-res result display. Helpful for improving performance while viewing very high res worlds.
  • Added statusline help feedback for device workview while wiring, selecting, and adding devices. Preview engine reports more information than before.
  • Macros now only keep their internal results available if the internals are being actively edited, reducing memory usage
  • Added ‘interactive edit’ toggle to the layout view, to control if editing in that viewport should trigger a preview
  • Reduced minimum preview size to 32px for slow machines and/or slow device networks

River device changes

  • Re-added a tab for controlling the GCS parameters of a river in the editor
  • Added back the various GCS overlay views to the River editor.
  • River now previews on vertex drag

Behavior Bugfixes

  • WM can now page out current build results again, not just historical results
  • Fixed issue where adjusting a slider not with the knob would not commit the change
  • Fixed issue where macro dependencies caused incorrect parameters to be fed to the internal components
  • Fixed bug where copy-pasting generators would set their origins as if they were being added directly
  • Fixed bug where ambient occlusion wouldn’t cancel
  • Gradient generator reports progress
  • Thermal erosion now more sensitive to cancelling
  • Fixed regression where saving a new project was overriding the startup project
  • Fixed bug where purging history, wasn’t always doing so.
  • Fixed bug where layout view wasn’t updating data resolution label
  • Fixed preview scheduling where under some circumstances of custom build res, the preview limit wouldn’t be reached
  • Fixed bug in coastal erosion device where the water depth was being offset with build resolution unintendedly
  • Fixed bug where view would be stuck if deleted the device the preview was frozen on
  • Macro tabs are now closed if the macro is deleted
  • Macro memory conservation now matches 3028’s behavior: If the macro is listed in any workview tab menu, it will keep its contents
  • Changing the preview settings in program options will reset existing preview data
  • Re-added HFZ file IO support
  • Fixed bug where TIFF format was forcing output with extension .tiff instead of either .tif or .tiff.
  • Fixed bug where SVG import could not parse extended unicode characters
  • Fixed bug where the Reach Parameter, Parameter Bank devices were ignoring their input parameter packets.
  • Fixed bug where Select Aspect was ignoring its input parameter packets.
  • Fixed bug where the selected & frozen device setting was not preserved on save.
  • Fixed river flip-direction button not working
  • Fixed bug where river drop to terrain wasn’t committing change
  • Fixed bug where background preview setting was not being saved
  • Fixed “Compose Parameter” not getting its range set correctly (New to Release 4020)
  • Fixed artefacting in Curves device with external curve (New to Release 4020)
  • Fixed normal seams in Explorer view (New to Release 4020)

Stability Bugfixes

  • Fixed crash involving undo/redo when selecting a deleted device
  • Fixed memory allocator deadlock
  • Fixed crash when checkpoint is queried for invalid port
  • Fixed crash from invalid route point
  • Fixed crash when UE4 resolution strategy of 8k is switched to from higher-than-8k res.
  • Fixed several internal invalid state crashes
  • Fixed crash when a user-specified folder is not accessible during startup
  • Fixed crash that could occur when applying build results to a project where the resolution changed partway through
  • Fixed crash & corruption bug when removing a GCS from a reach, as well as where it would sometimes “lose” a GCS.
  • Failure to page a packet to disk will no longer crash WM
  • Fixed crash when loading a TGA with a filename longer than 32 characters
  • Fixed crash on quit if autosave files can’t be accessed
  • Fixed rare crash when hovering over a wire
  • Fixed rare crash when hovering over a route point
  • Fixed rare crash in basic visual editor
  • Fixed crash trying to show device auxillary actions (New to Release 4020)
  • Fixed crash bug while trying to iterate folders if you set your macro folder to include system locations (don’t do that) (New to Release 4020)
Updated on April 13, 2021

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