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How do I get the latest update?

Easy – just login to the Update Center! From there you can download the latest builds of World Machine.

If it’s been more than a year since you purchased WM, you will need to renew your license to upgrade to the newest versions. It’s easy, and the upgrade fee is a small fraction of your original purchase.

License Questions

Why should I renew?

New versions of World Machine are being released more frequently. We are continuously improving the program and releasing the changes as soon as they are ready. Renewing your license allows you to access these features.

Why not just release World Machine 3, 4, etc?

Creating a “big version number” sequel is a serious amount of work, and it usually took us at least 3 years in the past to create. With our new system, we can release individual features as soon as they’re ready. You get to use everything sooner.

As a result, we no longer charge for major upgrades (like from World Machine 1 to 2). Instead, while under maintenance all versions of World Machine are available for free.

I own an older version released more than a year ago. Why don’t I get free bug fixes?

Unfortunately it’s not practical to patch bugfixes for old versions. With many new builds released a year, it would make maintaining these older builds a full time job in of itself, and is unsustainable for a nano-scale company like us to maintain.

We offer a free year of software maintenance for this reason. Plus, you get all the new features we create!

What does it cost?

The upgrade price we’ve calculated for you is available at the License Management page.

Is this a subscription?

No. Your software never expires, and you don’t have to renew if you don’t want to. There’s also no ‘catch-up’ fee if maintenance lapsed – you can wait for features compelling to you to upgrade.

Can my license renew automatically?

We are looking at having an optional auto-renewal to keep you up to date, but this is not currently available.

Does my software ever stop working?

No. Your license is perpetual and valid for the versions released before the expiration of your renewal. You can access them at any time.

How often do you release new versions?

There should be a new build on the development channel at least once a quarter, with a target of at least one major named release per year.

Updated on September 16, 2019

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